Josie Gauthier takes your breath away, and if you don't think she knows that rhymes: you don't know Josie. More than just another would be pop star, plucked from pre-teen casting to the stage, JosieGauthier has embraced being a kid at heart and a young woman of substance. A traveling soccer player since the 3rd grade, Josie is just as comfortable competing as an athlete as she is in her singing career,continuing to play high school soccer, despite a busy schedule of songwriting and performances.Being focused and goal oriented has served Josie well. An energetic teenager, she has not let the grassgrow beneath her feet; instead she prefers to find ways to make it grow greener and stronger for those around her; often lending a hand when needed.

  “ I am in my church youth group and I have gone on mission trips to Bay St. Louis, MS and
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with them where we helped people with hurricane damage, tornado damage, or just general needs clean up, paint, and fix up their homes. In Oklahoma City, I helped with a home hat was in dire need of a new paint job so for four days all my group did was paint the outside of her house.”

     As an up and coming singer and artist, Josie is a bit beyond her years; one listen to her live performances and you will find that she is just as comfortable singing a soulful rendition of an old Standard, as she is in belting out the emotion of a current pop single. Josie brings a smoky voice and more than a little ambition into her music and vocal performances, allowing her influences to shine through her songs, but never to take away from her own powerful message: Believe in yourself and letothers look for outside approval.

“ You're not supposed to look at a picture in a magazine and say "I want to look like that,” explains, Josie, “You're supposed to work for your own perfect and what makes you, 'you' You aren't ever going to look just like the model on the cover of Vogue, so stop measuring up to her. Measure up to yourself.” Refreshing advice from a young woman who is looking to make an impact on the world in more than just a passing moment. With songs like “Here's To The Future” “You Shoulda Let Me Stay” and “Love Me Like You Fought For It,” Josie brings thoughtful and beautifully voiced versions of herself, all within full view of the listener.

     Josie Gauthier is working to make her own perfection, and that is a work in progress that you don'twant to miss.
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